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The rapid pace of technology changes in the petroleum industry has led to an explosion of new wells and new configurations for the production environement.  

Compared to the past, where a single well was all that occupied a section of land, today 4,8,16, or even more than 20 wells on a single site are dotting the landscape.

Currently, the amazing advances in exploration, drilling, and fracking technology have outpaced the ability of the industry to make similiar advances in the chemical treatment of wells in the ever-expanding production environment.

treater truck

A new paradigm is needed to better chemically treat and maintain wells to help ensure their longevity and fiscal viability.  

The "Old Ways" will not be adequate for even the near-future.

Operators are paying a high cost for the lack of technologies that can provide robust, managable chemical treatment for their producing wells.  It is not unusual for an operator to "workover" 30-50% of operating wells in a single year.  With an average cost of $50,000 for one well-pull, the yearly costs are often staggering!  There seems to be no "light at the end of the tunnel!"environmentproblems

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